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Salinas Underground

We tell the story of the city we grew up with by interviewing the people that make it what it is: the business people, the musicians, the scholars, anyone that adds to the culture of Salinas.

Nov 25, 2015

In this episode we talk about the brunch offerings at Giorgio's and why you should be spending more time there. Also, how will the filming of the TV show "COPS" affect the already strained relations between the public and the police department and how does that filming add to the perception of this city. Finally, we...

Nov 17, 2015

In this episode Cujo talks about a bacon and beer festival in San Jose. We also discuss our experience at a laser light show we attended at the Fox that was set to the music of Pink Floyd. We also talk about people coming over from the peninsula to drink in downtown Salinas and if it will be a continuing trend.

Nov 12, 2015

In this episode our guest is John Whitacre from Terroir Squad podcast. Terroir Squad is a brand new podcast that focuses on the growing wine scene in Monterey County. He and our very own Oz drink local wines and discuss them with the very people that produced it. Right now you can find it on Soundcloud, but look for it...

Nov 8, 2015

In this episode we interview Sam Shreder and Stan Khrapak, creators of the website which turns every gardener into a farmer. This easy-to-use website allows you to either buy locally grown produce or sell any extra fruits or vegetables from your own garden. It is a great website that allows you to get closer...