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Salinas Underground

We tell the story of the city we grew up with by interviewing the people that make it what it is: the business people, the musicians, the scholars, anyone that adds to the culture of Salinas.

Jan 4, 2019

This episode was recorded from the main floor of the Salinas Valley Comic Con at Hartnell. Our guest list includes local acting superstar Nikki Moon aka Ariel (17:25-29:00), Michelle Stone aka Squirrel Girl (29:05-44:47)owner of Storybook Character Events, Chris Perguidi (44:50-59:30) creator of Pokey Man and who was stabbed in San Jose while playing Pokemon Go, Nikki Pardee aka Tinkerbell (59:45-85:30) a cosplayer from Sacramento, and Super 8 Bit Rafa (85:35-101:50) a  game developer from Salinas that created 30 games in 30 days. Check back Saturday for our interviews from day 2 of the Comic-Con!!