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Salinas Underground

We tell the story of the city we grew up with by interviewing the people that make it what it is: the business people, the musicians, the scholars, anyone that adds to the culture of Salinas.

Jun 22, 2021

The Salad Bytes Media network that produces this show is constantly working on new and innovative podcasts when thousands of new shows are coming out every week. The latest show is Stay Low Podcast, a show covering all the major sports across the country. To introduce the podcast, we talk to Anthony and Rueben, two of...

Jun 8, 2021

This year's city budget is the most talked about in the eight years that we have been doing this podcast. We decided to take a deep dive into the 500-page document to answer some questions people may be wondering about. Where does the money for the budget come from? How big is the budget and where does all that money...